CSS Simple social media icons with image sprite

Following on from my simple social icons vectors I have added the html & css files that you can download for free and use on your website. They are available in 3 sizes 24px, 32px & 44px and use image sprites, simply download and copy the size you want to use from the marked up…

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Dribbble Invite Giveaway

As I guess you know invites for are hard to come by, if you would like an invite i’ve got one to give away.

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Download a modern testimonial block, html & css code

Thought i’d share the html & css i’ve used on my testimonial page, if you want to skip the code you can scroll to the bottom and download both the html & css files. It uses a great trick I found on css-tricks to create the arrow so no images are required, not sure how…

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Facebook timeline cover image template psd

Get creative and design your own Facebook Timeline. Download this easy to use Facebook Timeline Photoshop template (.psd) The header image is 851 x 315 pixels and the profile/logo image is 180 x 180 pixels. Please note, the profile/logo image is shrunk to 160 x 160 pixels but needs to be created at 180 pixels…

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Google+ profile template psd

Design a unique Google+ profile with this easy to use photoshop template. I have set up a simple Photoshop template (.psd) for the Google+ Profile and thought i’d share it with you. The header image is 940 x 180 pixels and the logo 250×250 pixels. Please note, google does hide part of the header image…

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