Google PageSpeed v Cloudflare

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I had been using the free version of Cloudflare for a while as a CDN for this site which I was happy with but I thought i’d give the beta version of Google’s PageSpeed a try to see how it compared.

Firstly I found PageSpeed harder to set up than Cloudflare, which was a simple DNS change and the configuration page was very easy to follow. With Google PageSpeed you need to set up a new A record for an origin-host and then add a new CNAME for the serving domain, the configuration page is a bit more confusing than Cloudflare but still pretty straight forward.

Now for the results which is the most important part, in both Yslow and PageSpeed insights Google PageSpeed wiped the floor with Cloudflare. The Yslow went from a C, 72 score to a B, 82 score (think I can get it to an A if I sort out my Expiry headers). The PageSpeed insight went from a poor 68 to 97 (out of 100).

Once out of beta Google are going to start charging for PageSpeed, knowing Google the pricing will be very reasonable so i’ll wait to see wether or not to stick with it one the pricing has been announced.

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