Linking home URL to WordPress installed in a subdirectory

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I have recently started putting all new wordpress installs into a subdirectory, I found it makes it much better for developing a site (works especially well if a client has an old site that they want to keep running until the new one is ready). It also keeps the root directory clean & tidy.
One thing I did find is that the ‘Using a pre-existing subdirectory install‘ instructions on the WordPress codex site is a little confusing and long winded so I have simplifed the steps here…

1. Once WordPress is installed in a subdirectory for example simply create a new index.php file in the root directory and add the following to it:

define(‘WP_USE_THEMES’, true);

Obviously change wpfolder to the name of your subdirectory.

2. If not already logged in login to WordPress using the original path with the subfolder ie. and goto Settings > General and change the Blog address (URL) to DON’T change the WordPress Address (URL)..

3. You will need to copy (not move) the .htaccess file into the root and update your permalinks.

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