Website Design Inspiration #one

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The 1st installment of website designs that I have stumbled across and that look really good…


Great, clean looking site, really like the use of subtle textures and strong illustration.


Can’t understand a word of it but this is a fantastic example of html5 at its best. The ‘konfigurator’ page is really impressive. Give it a go…

I’m a sucker for wooden background textures (just waiting for a site to come along that I can use one on) and this restaurant site uses one to great effect. Love the colour scheme to.


Clean,crisp and useable site, really like the tumblr style layout.


Love the strong imagery on this one,slightly let down by some of the inner pages but guess this may be down to the client adding their own content.


This is the kind of site i’m a little envious of. Love the textures, fonts, imagery and that each inner page is different and look great.


Another site I like that uses textures and subtle illustrated elements to great effect.


Another website about dogs! Great layout and I really like the way the logo is placed behind the content although I find the fact that I can’t click on it to return home a bit annoying.

Have you got a favourite from the above list of websites or any recommendations of any cool websites you think we should list in our next inspiration installment? Then please leave a comment below…

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